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Re: Wal*Mart RP

Post by Annemiek on Tue May 05, 2009 12:37 am

((Yay, I'm so happy with all the new posts!
LOL I laughed so hard at Brainy shining the flashlight accidentally into his face, that sounds SO much like him XD ))

Phoebe had been listening carefully to Helga's speech, as she always did, and responded with a simple "To the clothing area.., alright Helga!" Even though others didn't notice most of the time, Helga was very good at finding solutions to problems, although she had to admit they weren't always morally acceptable.
Phoebe was very thankful for assigning her to Gerald. Of course she knew that it was for another reason than just making her happy. She smiled to herself at that thought, took a step closer into Gerald's direction, and smiled shyly when looking at him. She was feeling eager to be alone with him, even though they were trapped in this cold and dark wallmart.
When Helga mentioned Lila and Eugene, Phoebe looked at the group to find the two. They were both standing close to Helga. Lila was listening to Helga, and Eugene, as always, was living in his own dreamworld again, with a smile on his face while staring into the dark. After Helga's speech, the four got together and decided to walk towards the camping stuff and fortunately the clothes were only a few aisles further, so they could split up there, to be back as fast as possible.
They walked into the dark, and she heard Eugene's high and squeaky voice following her and Gerald. She held on to Gerald's arm, just to feel a little more secure in the dark.

"This is pretty exciting, isn't it, Lila?!" He wasn't thinking of possible danger or anything. He almost never did. For some reason everything seemed just ever so much fun, even though almost EVERYTHING was a possible source of danger to Eugene. Lila was so much fun to talk to. She always reacted nice and polite, and didn't seem to attract as much bad luck to him as Arnold did. He was looking forward to constructing a tent, and was eagerly hopping next to Lila. "I can't wait to get to the camping stuff. I want a BIG tent! A big purple one!"

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Re: Wal*Mart RP

Post by Nefarious on Fri May 08, 2009 3:02 am

No one groaned louder than Harold. “Mmrf-Hey! Momph-hattya mean??” He protested through a mouthful of potato chips. “I'm perfect for gathering food, Helga! Are you makin' fun of me?” He crumpled the empty bag and carelessly flung it over his broad shoulder before stomping forward to argue the point. Fortunately, Harold was intercepted by Sid and Stinky. The taller boy clamped a hand across Harold's mouth while Sid laid a restraining hold upon his beefy arm before smiling sheepishly at Helga. Together, they tactfully steered Harold towards the electronics department. Of course it wasn't long before he managed to swat them away. “Lemme go! She can't tell me what to do.”
Stinky looked at his saliva covered hand and grimaced. “Eww, that's jes gross.” He slyly wiped it off on Harold's shirt, who was glaring balefully at Sid. Sid's natural defense against imminent pummelings activated. His bottom lip quivered just before he slunk down onto his knees to emphasize his dramatic apology. “It was for your own good, big guy! We couldn't let you get pulverized by bony girl knuckles!” Harold obviously didn't appreciate the insinuation that Helga could beat him up. He scowled and waved a dismissive hand. “Aw you guys don't know what you're talkin' about. I could take Helga. Easy.” Stinky interjected, logically. “Yeah. Might be you could, but she's still a girl Harold. Ya can't hit her. I figure you'll just end up standing there while she punches you-- and Helga hits really hard.” He unhappily rubbed the bruised spot on his bicep where she'd socked him most recently. “Arnold said to follow her plan, and he'd never steer us wrong.” Sid pointed out. While inwardly agreeing with them, Harold didn't want to go back on his initial reaction. He might look weak, or worse... dumb. “Yeah, well, this is still a waste of time. I say we forget Helga's stupid fort and go hang out at the food court until we get rescued.”

Seeing that Harold's suicidal intentions had been diverted, Sid stood up again and rolled his shoulders back in order to get more comfortable in his leather jacket.“You can go if you want, man, but I'm doing what Arnold told me to do. Every time we blow off his advice we end up getting screwed. I learn my lessons.” He nodded to Stinky and they both headed off. Harold scoffed...

...glancing around at the dark, eerily silent aisles... who knew what hook-mouthed horrors lurked within that inky stillness?

“Hey! Wait up!"

Arnold returned from his “talk” with Brainy harboring conflicted feelings. Almost, he wished that Brainy had stopped him. Thanked him. Expressed resentment towards him. Done something, at least. Brainy was so difficult to figure out-- and it bothered Arnold that no one, including himself, had ever even wondered about the silent, lonely individual who was always standing at the fringes of the group. He wanted to help Brainy, but something in his gut told him to mind his own business. Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is not get involved, he reflected, and reached up to feel the place where Helga had teasingly pinched his cheek. “Good grief.” He said, thinking out loud.
As Helga trotted up to Arnold and began pulled him along, he glanced back at flashlight silhouette of Rhonda. “What do we need from there?” He'd noticed that she was the only one not part of a group, and he couldn't help but be a little concerned about her. Not that he believed she (or any of them) were in any actual danger. Still...

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Re: Wal*Mart RP

Post by agshepherd on Mon May 11, 2009 6:46 am


"I'm sure we'll need more than one tent, Eugene but if there is a purple one, you can have it." She doubted they made tents in rainbow colors like that but she wasnt one to burst anyone's bubble. She took Eugene's hand so he wouldnt get lost and followed Phoebe and Gerald. The clothes were an aisle away from the groceries. She noticed Rhonda was alone and pointed in her direction. "Eugene why dont you see if Rhonda needs an extra shopping cart or something." He couldnt get into too much trouble picking up boxes of cookies and things right? At least she hoped not.


She grinned in Arnold's direction and shown the flashlight on her own face. "Golf clubs. Baseball bats. Nerf guns. Anything we need to defend ourselves." If they were going to be facing Wolfgang, Helga was convinced they needed artillery.

A familiar chill went up her spine and before Brainy even got his sentence all the way out, Helga's fist collided with his face on her other side. She jumped a little and then rose a brow as Brainy hit the floor. She shook her head. "Stop doing that. Its getting really tiring." She rocked her shoulder and swung her arm around in a small stretch. Man punching Brainy all the time was hard work.

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Re: Wal*Mart RP

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