Another Kill-Time RP

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Another Kill-Time RP

Post by Annemiek on Tue May 18, 2010 3:01 pm

(( no assigned rules/characters/plot ... I'll start the story, and the next person can either play on with that same character or take control of another character/place. You can change character/place whenever you like, and your post can be as long as you want. ))


"Bye grandpa! I'll be at the carnival with Gerald," Arnold yelled as he put on his jacket and turned the doorknob. "Alright Arnold, have fun! Oh, and bring me one of them delicious cornsticks, would ya, Shortman?" Arnold laughed, "I will," he closed the front door behind him and walked over to Gerald's place to pick him up. When he turned the corner he could hear Jaimy O and Timberly fighting in one of the rooms on the second floor. He sighed as he remembered how lucky he was, not to have any bothers or sisters like those two. Just before he knocked on the door, it opened. "You're late, man! Let's get outta here. These two are driving me nuts," Gerald yelled as he covered his ears with his hands and shook his head.


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Re: Another Kill-Time RP

Post by hatterlet on Fri May 28, 2010 4:55 am

((Echo echo echo....))

"Miriam! I'm going out!" Helga shouted, pulling her front door open. A lone hand appeared from behind the couch, waving a half-empty Tabasco bottle at her.

"Alright- uh, Helga dear..." Miriam trailed off, ending her farewell with a snore. Helga rolled her eyes and stomped out the door. On the curb stood her diminutive friend, Phoebe.

"Hey Pheebs. Let's get this show on the road."


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Re: Another Kill-Time RP

Post by AlisonSwift on Sun May 30, 2010 10:52 pm

Harold, Sid, and Stinky had managed their way to the Carnival as early as possible. Sid and Stinky because of the roller coaster that was being set up, and Harold because the thoughts of cotton candy, hot dogs, and massive pretzels called to him in their sweetly delicious voices.

They had sat on the curb and pegged rocks at passing cars, hitting none and making no real attempt to do so, until the arch above the fence lit up with bright, colorful lights, and the rides started moving and boothes came alive. With the awakening of the carnival, they were some of the first to arrive and make their way in with the crowd.


Arnold and Gerald grinned up at the bright lights, they looked at each other, high-fived, and made their way over to the bumper cars. "Yes!" they cheered, most definitely excited.


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Re: Another Kill-Time RP

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