What's Up, everyone? Michael here!

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What's Up, everyone? Michael here!

Post by Michaloid on Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:58 am

Hi, all you Hey Arnold! enthusiasts! My name's Michael, and as you are aware, I'm new here at the Hey Arnold! Fansite. My username ostensibly combined my name with Helga's nickname for Rhonda (Michael + Rhondaloid = Michaloid). I watched Hey Arnold! ever since the series began on Nick in October 1996 and I, like the rest of you Hey Arnold! fans, think that Craig got a bad deal and think that the Jungle Movie and the spin-off should be made! (to tell the truth, I even have some episode ideas for the aborted spin-off that I've had since I first heard about the project in early 2000) WE CAN'T LET "THE JOURNAL" BE ALL THERE IS! HEY ARNOLD! WAS LEFT ON A CLIFF-HANGER FOR A REASON! DON'T LET NICKELODEON WIN!


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Re: What's Up, everyone? Michael here!

Post by Perhapsormaybe on Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:04 am

Well, Michael, I'm Mel and haven't been on in a while. It appears many others haven't been either. It's nice to meet you. I'm off to delete more spam.


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