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Re: In the meantime...

Post by Weird1 on Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:09 pm

Helga growled and punched a wall, making sure not to do it hard enough to make a hole. Then she sighed, feeling frustrated, she turned to Phoebe, who was currently brushing her hair free of any knots.

"Oh, Pheebs! She's right! But I'll never win his heart. He's too..."

Phoebe cut her off, not really wanting to hear her rag on herself. "Helga, you're a very attractive, and strong willed person. I don't see why he couldn't fall for you. Now come here." She said gently, but sternly, much like how a mother would talk to her child.

Helga came forward, and Phoebe began brushing her hair down.

Helga didn't even wince when she hit a particularly knotted part, too lost in her thoughts. "I don't know, Pheebs... I saw him looking at me... with this... look on the trails back there. I've never seen him look at me like that."

Phoebe smiled, glad she was being a bit more optimistic. "Indeed, Helga. Perhaps he already has fallen for you." She finished brushing her hair, and put her hair brush away, smoothing out her own clothes.

Helga shook her head rapidly. "Noooooo... He couldn't... Let's just get to the mess hall. I'm STARVING!" She said, as she rushed out the door, with Phoebe struggling to catch up.

((Cut to Arnold and Gerald talking. Gerald is drilling Arnold on looking at Helga.))

((P.S. sure thing, Peacho.))

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Re: In the meantime...

Post by NintendoGal55 on Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:57 pm

Meanwhile, in the boy's cabin...

"I'm off to get some food! Meet you guys there later!" Harold announced.

"Oh, I'll come too! I'm ready!" Said Eugene as he followed Harold out, tripping over the threshold. "I'm okay!"

"All right man," Gerald suddenly said, making Arnold turn around from where he was changing shirts. "You got some explaining to do."

"About what, Gerald?" Arnold asked curiously.

"About what Gerald?" Gerald repeated, and shook his head. "Man...I saw you lookin' at Helga back there! And I know that look, it's that 'I've got a crush on her' look! What's going on here?"

"N-Nothing, Gerald. There's nothing going on."

"Arnold...don't lie to me man, I know you pretty damn well. And you were lookin' at Helga the same way you looked at Ruth and Lila and Miss Felter and all them other girls you liked!"

Arnold blushed a little, realizing he couldn't hide it from his best friend. "I can't help it, Gerald. She's gotten really pretty over the years, and I don't know, I think I really like her."

"Should've figured. And Helga G. Pataki of all people..." Gerald sighed and shook his head. "Well man, I can't decide your destiny for you, so I guess all I can say is...good luck, man. You're gonna need it."

"Thanks, Gerald." Arnold smiled. "C'mon, let's get to the mess hall."

"Whatever you say, Arnold."

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Re: In the meantime...

Post by peachcake21 on Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:44 am

((YAY!!! Thanks guys!!!!))

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Re: In the meantime...

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